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Computer forensic investigations

Computer forensics services

Whether it is a civil litigation, a criminal matter, an internal investigation or computer incident response. Tunilab’s highly trained, certified and experienced professionals can assist you by recovering and analyzing digital evidence while preserving the data in a forensically sound manner and ensuring a court-admissible chain of custody.

In general, the main steps involved in a digital investigation include the following processes:
• Establishing a defensible chain of custody
• Forensically acquiring data
• Verify the evidence
• Secure the evidence
• File system analysis
• Registry analysis
• Recovery of deleted data
• Data carving
• Email data analysis
• Encrypted data identification
• Data Decryption
• Data indexing
• Search for responsiveness
• Detailed documentation of all steps
• Submit forensic reports to client with examiner’s findings
• If requested, we will provide expert witness testimony at a deposition, trial, or other legal proceeding