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Business Solutions

TuniLab is a leading data recovery company in Africa, servicing individual consumers and business organizations who experience data loss from all types of digital storage media devices.
Our recovery engineers have the most experience, the best tools, and the brightest minds. They have successfully performed thousands of data recovery operations and have recovered petabytes of data in the process. Whether the problem is due to a logical failure or a mechanical one, there is a good chance that TuniLab can successfully recover your data.
We take your information security very seriously. Your data is kept strictly confidential every step of the way.
With an office in Tunisia, TuniLab is the premier digital forensics, cyber security, data recovery and information management company in North Africa.
TuniLab has the resources and the equipment to help you extract and forensically collect data anywhere in the EMEA region (including Tunisia, Algeria, morocco, Ivory Coast, France, Italy, UK…). We can quickly deploy our professionals to collect and analyze Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

TuniLab provide innovative, technologically sophisticated and powerful solutions strategies able to empower organizations and law firms with the expertise and technologies that can help overcome the e-Discovery challenges.
our services include:

Staff augmentation services
Forensic Imaging and data Collections
Computer forensic investigation
Mobile device forensics
Data recovery